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Crypto-Consumer Manifesto
Written by Matt Wolfe on Oct. 11th 2017
A new, more conscious breed of consumer is emerging. 

Distributed, conscious, free. 

Money is as old as speech because money IS speech. It is a representation of free expression in an open and free society. 

When money is used as a system of control, and privacy is no longer an option, then the logical result is for the free expression of the people to be censored and economic choices restricted by an elite few. 

The reign of monetary rule over the people; silently pulling strings of economic directions are finally coming to an end. No more are the days where ‘leaders’ and bureaucrats make economic decisions for everyone. We the Crypto-Consumers need not ask their permission to freely exit their social, economic and political experiment. 

Crypto-Consumers don’t vote for change….WE ARE THE CHANGE

Crypto-Consumers vote with the transactions we enter and the currency we use. We see an economic model that works for everyone, everywhere, and excludes no one. Each private transaction we send brings us closer to this more equitable world. 

Crypto-Consumers operate without bailouts, without subsidies, and without permission. We exist outside the system of control and we are building an abundance based economy that works for everyone - not just the elite few. 

Crypto-Consumers are pioneers building a decentralized, anonymous economy empowering everyone, everywhere with economic choice. 

The Crypto-Commercial system will not ask permission or gain “legitimacy” from our failing institutions. It will be Crypto-Consumers who see the value of a decentralized, distributed and unregulated system of value exchange; and it will be the Crypto-Consumers who build the infrastructure for this new abundance based economy. 

A Crypto-Consumer creates value and puts ethics before profits. 

If you ask the economists of the world, they’ll tell you that a decentralized and distributed economy secured by cryptographic protocols is impossible… but we are doing it everyday. Crypto-Consumers are motivated knowing that use of strong cryptographic tools is the surest way to effect real social and economic change. 


- Declare a better world that works for all of us.
- Take responsibility for creating that world.
- Bring economic choice to everyone.
- We ARE the change we want to see in the world.   


About Author: Matt Wolfe 

Founder of, privacy advocate, entrepreneur, arm-chair economist, stand-up philosopher, cryptography enthusiast, free thinking Cypherpunk. 
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