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“I don’t want to live in a world where there’s no privacy, and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity.”
 -Edward Snowden

This blog and all related content are intended to provide you with choice.

Without privacy as a choice, we the people are prevented from being the stewards of our free society. When privacy isn't a choice, self censorship becomes systemic.

When privacy isn't a choice, our economic behaviors are modified and as a result we have fewer economic choices.

The original Cypherpunk manifesto proclaimed privacy as a human right and proposed strong cryptography as a tool to effect social and political change.

We align with their vision. We hope to make it easy for end users to understand how these cryptographic tools work and how to use them effectively and maturely to make privacy a choice in their lives.

Cryptography is not just fun for geeks and nerds and privacy advocates. It's not some complicated application only coders and cryptographers use. It's fun and easy and people just like you are taking their privacy back. You can to.
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Written by Grant Hunter, 15 October 2017
The word, cryptographie, was first recorded in France in the 1650’s. It is the study, practice and art of sending or solving coded messages and secret communications.

cryptographie - fr. Latin, cryptographia

From the elements: 

crypto - fr. Latin, crypta meaning ‘vault, cavern’ / Greek, kryptos meaning ‘hidden’;
-graphy - fr. French, graphie / Latin, graphia; meaning ‘writing’ and ‘field of study’. 
Written by Matt Wolfe, 11 October 2017
A new, more conscious breed of consumer is emerging. 

Distributed, conscious, free. 

Money is as old as speech because money IS speech. It is a representation of free expression in an open and free society. 

When money is used as a system of control, and privacy is no longer an option, then the logical result is for the free expression of the people to be censored and economic choices restricted by an elite few. 

The reign of monetary rule over the people; silently pulling strings of economic directions are finally coming to an end. No more are the days where ‘leaders’ and bureaucrats make economic decisions for everyone. We the Crypto-Consumers need not ask their permission to freely exit their social, economic and political experiment...
Written by Matt Wolfe, 6 October 2017
A Brief History (Latin, fiat. “let it be done” - a command, order, or decree by King)
From the beginning of recorded history human beings have interacted with, competed against, and (most importantly) cooperated with each other. We also tend to assign value to things. You might hear children trade toys, or candy. “I’ll give you one Babe Ruth card for your bicycle…” Edward O. Wilson; Pulitzer-Prize winning naturalist, goes into great detail about this trait in his book The Social Conquest of Earth. 

When groups of people organize and cooperate in a way that allows the exchange of things of value, the community gains and over time living standards go up for everyone...
Written by Grant Hunter, 3 October 2017
Encryption is now a standard piece of technology that is used for the protection of data and communication of information. Whether you are using Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, encryption will be used to protect your data.

Some companies provide encryption with their hardware as well. For example; Samsung has Knox for their devices, which much like Mac and Windows, locks down the hard drive, so without the passkey the device is useless...
Written by Matt Wolfe, 9 September 2017
“I don’t want to live in a world where there’s no privacy, and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity.” -Edward Snowden

A Cypherpunk is a privacy advocate that believes the mass adoption and use of strong cryptography should be used to effect REAL social and political change. The movement got it's name in the early 90's, during a time we commonly refer to as the "Crypto-Wars", when surveillance agencies and the Clinton administration were fighting for restrictions on cryptography use while privacy advocates fought legislation to preserve online privacy and freedom... - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service
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